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11 06 2019 - 14 06 2019

Bercomex Behind the Scenes


From 11 to 14 June Bercomex opens its doors for a look behind the scenes. Are you curious about what kind of company Bercomex is? Where machines are produced and new innovations are developed. And curious to see our service department? The place where Invaro Services and Supplies provides direct service from Hoorn to all over the world. As we are aiming to be transparent, we are happy to give you a look behind the scenes of Bercomex.

Three birds at one stone

From 11 to 14 June the Flowertrials and Greentech takes place. Two events where innovations and future developments can be spotted. Where Flowertrials takes place on different locations in the Netherlands and Germany, Greentech is centralized in one place; RAI Amsterdam. Plus a visit at our Bercomex office in Hoorn, makes it three birds at one stone!

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Are you already an owner of a Bercomex machine? And you would like to receive to tips and tricks for your machine? Or maybe you do not have a Bercomex machine, but your are just curious? We are more than happy to welcome you at our location in Hoorn and show you around.
Please contact Piet Stroet and make an appointment by phone +31 (0)229 50 21 50 or send and email to We look forward to meeting you soon!



11/06/2019 - 14/06/2019


Verlengde Lageweg 10, 1628 PM Hoorn, The Netherlands


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