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CRM Binding machine

More bunches of flowers in less time. The CRM binding machine binds, fully automatically, all your types of flowers effortlessly and in the blink of an eye. A speedy binding process resulting in uniform bunches or bouquets.


You decide how tightly the flowers are bound. Thanks to the adjustable elastic tension, the CRM binding machine effortlessly binds anything from a small bunch of tulips up to a generous bouquet of flowers. All bouquets are bound in the same manner and at the same height, so you always end up with an identical bunch of flowers. The special binding method also makes it easy to take the elastic band off the bunch.


The CRM binding machine is incredibly fast at sixty strokes a minute. Because the machine is made from stainless steel, aluminum and plastic, it is robust and sturdy. The machine has proven its reliability and durability for 30 years. No time loss due to stagnation or extensive maintenance.
Even less stagnation? In that case, you can expand the CRM binding machine with a Jumbo Cone holder.


The CRM binding machine is available as a stand-alone or it can be integrated in the flower processing line.

Unique advantages

  • Suitable for all flowers and bouquets
  • Robust and durable
  • Up to 5.600 beats per hour
  • Adjustable elastic tension

CRM Binding machine

  • A smooth-running knotter whose elastic has 30 percent more stretch.
  • All stems are securely tied by the CRM system.
  • Made in Holland

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Questions about service, maintenance or parts?

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Erik Tebbertman

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