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Vertical De-bulber

Clean stems with maximum length. The vertical de-bulber automatically untangles and de-bulbs your tulips. This de-bulbing technique ensures accurate de-bulbing results without damage to leaf or stem.


When the tulips are laid out with bulb, the Vertical De-bulber takes over. The de-bulber arranges the tulips with bulb in a vertical position. Thereby, the untangling and singling of the tulips takes place. An efficient process whereby employees no longer need to correct the flower stems.


Superior stem length, less damaging due to the vertical de-bulbing. The bulb hangs in a vertical position, whereby the nose of the bulb hangs between the strings during de-bulbing. This ensures that more stem length remains. During the cutting of the bulb, the stem is hanging loose, so the risk of damaging of the stem is minor.
The Vertical De-bulber is perfect addition to your Furora. Thanks to the vertical transport, the stems are already at the right height and position, which ensures a more efficient and faster supply process.

Unique advantages

  • Faster de-bulbing
  • Maximum stem length
  • Less stem breakage

Vertical de-bulber

  • The obvious solution in combination with the Furora Compact.
  • The debulking result is tight and accurate.

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