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02 06 2020

20 do-it-by-yourself tips for maintenance of the Furora!


The last thing you want for your Furora is downtime because of malfunction or long maintenance. A well-maintained machine will minimize this. We are glad to help you by offering preventive maintenance. But did you know you can also make a difference by do-it-yourself maintenance? For example with our Furora. Our Technical Service Specialist, Frank Pereboom, shares his tips and tricks for do-it-by-yourself in this article.

Bunching stations

1. Remove the leaf-and bulb residue from the wedge wheels. Best done is with an air syringe. With our latest Furora’s a standard feature.
2. When cleaning wedge wheels, use as little water as possible. If there is no other way, be sure to dry them with compressed air afterwards.
3. When the red belts turn black, scrub with a damp scouring sponge. Dry them afterwards with a cloth.
4. Clean all the pulleys the red belt pass.


5. Clean all the pulleys and belts with air. If the dirt really buildup, remove with a screwdriver.
6. Check the tension of the belts. If you move them back and forth horizontally, they should have a few centimeters of play. Not too tight!
7. Clean the photocell sensors with a dry cloth. This is very important and prevents a lot of errors. Without tulips and when idle the photocell must show a green LED light.
8. Do you have an older model? Do not forget to clean the red “banana” belts at the end of the separator thoroughly as well.
9. Clean the electrical cabinet with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t blow out with air! Also clean all the fans and grid filters with a vacuum cleaner. This prevents the temperature in the cabinet to become too high during production.

Camera at the entrance of the Furora (zero-camera)

10. Clean the protection plate of the lens with a dry cloth.
11. Clean the black back plate (where the camera is looking at) with a damp cloth. This way the camera only sees the stems and not the dirt.
12. Clean the infrared flashtubes with a dry cloth. Watch out not to change the orientation of the LED tubes.

X-ray module

13. You can enter the x-ray cabinet safely after pressing the emergency button and turning the key to 0. Now remove all the tulips and bulb residue.
14. Optional if installed: Clean the glass plate of the extra color camera.

Main module

15. Frequently check the central lubrication. Is there enough oil in the oil pot above the machine? This is very important. It can prevent a crash of the main transport and grippers.
16. Check all the carriers / grippers on loose parts.
17. Clean the dust filters of the electrical box.

Discharge flower line

18. Open the binders and clean them with compressed air (don’t lubricate!).
19. Check all the sponges or roofs
20. Clean the green O-strings running over the binders with a damp cloth.

This where all the 20 tips and tricks! We have prepared all the tips with care. If in any case something went wrong applying these tips. These activities are not part of any guarantee. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists from Invaro Services and Supplies.

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