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From optimal operations on the line to positive results

Dozens of employees, hundreds of flowers, thousands of euros. Processing cut flowers is all about efficient manpower and the productivity of your machine. For positive results for your bottom line, it is essential that the line runs optimally. That is why we offer support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stronger together

Our priority is that you stay in business, work efficiently and deliver a good quality product. In partnership with our sister company Invaro Service & Supply we support you on all fronts.
Do you need a service engineer right away?

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Contact one of our specialists

Bjorn Bierman - Bercomex

Björn Bierman
Sales Manager

Our passionate Sales Manager. Raised among the tulips and contact person for our English customers. Due to his background in the retail, Björn knows exactly how to specify our solutions to your situation.

Mauricio Daza Bercomex

Mauricio Daza
Reprensentative Bercomex Américas SAS

Maurico is running our establishment in Colombia: Bercomex Américas SAS. Thanks to his local market knowledge he can serve our customers in South America even better.

Call +57 312 431 5185
or send an email to

Wilco de Hooge

Wilco de Hooge
Account Manager

Our tulip specialist! Wilco can tell you everything about the Furora or Hybrid De-bulber. He ensures that tulip growers in the Netherlands achieve more quality with less damage.

Piet Stroet - Export manager Bercomex

Piet Stroet
Export Manager

Helps our customers in North- and South America, Germany and Spain. From roses to chrysanthemums and from bouquets to decorative green. Piet also maintains contact with our business establishment in Colombia, Bercomex Américas SAS.

Call +31 (0)229 50 21 50
or send an email to

Peter van Wijk Bercomex

Peter van Wijk
Account Manager

He is the Account Manager for many customers in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a harvesting or processing solution? Peter is happy to help you. And takes care of a solution which makes you proud!

Do you need Support?


When your machine is out of order, the daily returns drop by the minute. Employees can't do anything, the quality of your product may decrease and you run the risk of having to pay overtime. We get your process up and running again as quickly as possible.


Have you ordered a machine from Schouten or Bercomex? Then we take care of the installation. Because we know the machines from Schouten and Bercomex down to the smallest detail, we know exactly what needs to be done to create the desired improvement in efficiency.


With a well-maintained machine you start the new season fresh and full of confidence. Your machine will again be able to cope with it, so that you work efficiently and limit the risk of malfunctions.


Are you looking for the right parts for your machine? We deliver everything you need. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. From Chile to Australia and from Italy to India.


Every grower or processor wants to maximize their returns from a machine. This requires the perfect mix of preventive maintenance, smart data analysis and the right upgrades. Do you want to take the right steps in terms of productivity, quality and continuity? We will be happy to assist.

Where do we come from?

More than eighty years of innovation

Bercomex is going for maximum efficiency. We are a Dutch family company that specializes in processing flowers. For more than eighty years we have been creating, developing and maintaining innovative machinery that makes a difference. By aligning the machines perfectly with your process, we take steps together in the areas of productivity, product quality and continuity.

Curious about our solutions?

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