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06 11 2019

Bercomex 6, 7 and 8 November at the IFTF 2019


This year, We introduce three new solutions during the IFTF in The Netherlands. Last year was an eventful year for the Invaro Agri & Horti Technology Group, which also includes Schouten Agri Sorting Solutions and Invaro Services & Supplies. For example, Schouten moved to the business premises where Bercomex and Invaro were already located. The strengths of the three companies are now bundled under one roof.

What’s new?

The Flora BouquetMaster is an automatic bouquet line for cross bouquets and has an instruction screen for every employee. Thanks to the adjustable bouquet holder, it is easy to put together uniform bouquets. With the Flora BouquetMaster you are a lot less dependent on skilled employees.

The RackMaster is an automatic rack set-up system for all types of auction containers. The racks can be placed both standard as upside down. The 597 rack can be placed both lengthwise and widthwise. Placing racks manually on auction containers is a thing of the past with the RackMaster.

The Flora V-Master is a new harvesting solution, equipped with V-belts. Raking and sliding the flowers has become superfluous. The Flora V-Master is also suitable for delicate flowers and can easily be integrated into existing underground transport systems.

Smart data analysis

Also in the area of service provision we do not stand still! Service partner Invaro Services & Supplies offers 24/7 support for Bercomex and Schouten customers, but of course also for former Olimex, Compas, Van den Berg and Potveer customers. Invaro takes care of the installation / maintenance of the machines and resolves malfunctions. But it doesn’t stop there. The Bercomex Insight Tool provides real-time data about the Furora, a fully automatic bunch solution for many types of cut flowers. Customers can get daily insight into the productivity of their Bercomex machines through Performance Reporting. In addition, Invaro provides Remote Service from their office, so that malfunctions, especially abroad, can be solved quickly.

Bercomex can be found from 6 to 8 November at the IFTF in booth C4.06.

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