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‘Employees get tired, but a machine never stops’

All seems calm on the stretch of land owned by Frans Verhoeven, owner of Verhoeven Bloemen. But appearances can be deceiving: for some time now he has been operating a Furora in his warehouse, which processes thousands of summer flowers every hour. Almost completely automated, which means that Frans only needs three employees every day instead of ten. Another victory for efficiency.

‘Automation is very important to me as a grower. Employees get tired, but a machine never stops. Yet until recently we did a lot of the work ourselves: we sorted, counted, and fertilized the flowers by hand. Because this took up a lot of time, we decided to invest in a Furora. We now put the cut flowers on a conveyor belt, which means that the entire process of defoliating, cutting, sorting, bunching and binding is completely automated. Because of this we work very efficiently, but also extremely accurately. The computer doesn’t overlook anything. The Furora has been an excellent investment for us. We need about six to seven fewer employees every day and that number is even higher in peak periods.’

Frans Verhoeven and his Furora

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Advantages of the Furora Nova

Less employees required

Every day we require six to seven fewer employees. This enables us to cut costs, even when we occasionally need to work overtime.

Grip on planning

The Furora processes consistent numbers, which enables us to make better calculations in advance as to when an order will be completed.

Higher quality

Thanks to camera techniques, we select and sort extremely accurately, which has a positive effect on the quality of our bouquets.

All types of flowers

Regardless of type, length or thickness required for the order, with the Furora we are able to process all types of summer flowers.

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