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De-stacking, filling, add conditioner and you’re ready to go. The BucketFill bucket filler swiftly fills and de-stacks your round buckets. The fully automatic filling with the BucketFill relives you of the heavy manual work. This allows you to work more comfortably at an increased capacity.


The round buckets which are placed between the de-stacking pillars are removed from the stack in a smooth, rotating movement, while a flow of air is blown through between the buckets. No trouble anymore with stuck buckets. In addition, the bucket is filled with water and, if you choose, the conditioner is added simultaneously from a separate feed. This separate feed prevents corrosion of the pipes. A fast and smooth bucket filling process.


It is child’s play with the easy-to-operate touchscreen of the BucketFill bucket filler. As a result, it is easy to shift between quantities of water and conditioner, or varying sizes of buckets. Thanks to the internet connection, you can make use of our service at a distance. This lets our collaborators see immediately what is going on.

Unique advantages

  • De-stacks and replenishes at high speed
  • Precise dosage of water and conditioner
  • Easy touchscreen
  • Service at a distance


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