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Furora Lily

Better results with less people, due to fully automatic sorting. Meticulous bud sorting by means of deep learning vision technology.

Fully automatic

Non-stop bunching and sorting of different cultivars lilies? The fully-automatic Furora Lilly can do this quickly. How quickly? More than 6000-7000 stems per hour. Unsorted lilies are places on the feed belt by the employees, while the Furora will take care of the remaining tasks. Singulation, sorting and bunching are easy duties for the machine. This way, you quickly achieve flower processing with maximum quality and productivity in your nursery.

The Furora is a fact

Furora’s twenty-year development path has meanwhile become a proven concept within the horticultural sector. Whilte it started with automatic sorting and bunching of tulips, currently our Furora’s process a huge variety of flowers worldwide. From tulip to chrysanthemum, the Furora can manage them all. Using the Furora Lily, the lily breeder now achieves better results with less staff.

Unique benefits

  • Uniform bunch quality
  • Saving labor costs
  • More insight into data

Furora Lily in the picture

  • Precise selection on bud numbers.
  • Stem strength measurement.
  • High capacity with a super bunch quality.

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