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Fast and uniform sorting with fewer employees. The Rosematic is a rose-sorting machine which processes as many as 9,000 stems per hour. The vision module takes care of the individual measurement of every single rose. This state-of-the-art technology results in a final product with the highest possible quality.

Labor cost savings

Constant quality without depending on your staff. To have the roses visually inspected by your employees is no longer necessary. The cameras provide for individual assessment from bud to stem, from the exterior to the core. The rose is cut to the right length automatically and taken to the right bunching station. In addition, the Rosematic can process as many as 24 different types of selections.

State-of-the art

The Rosematic is equipped with as many as four cameras, of which two are color-based and two infra-red. The color cameras measure the stem-height, length, thickness, and the bud size. In addition, the infra-red cameras scan the coloring of the bud. In this manner, the quality can be measured optimally. Do you an even more through quality-measurement of your roses? Then you could choose the UV light module. It allows you to detect pathologies such as botrytis.

Unique advantages

  • Labor cost saving due to automation
  • Less dependent on skilled workers
  • Quality increase through camera measurements
  • Uniform bunches thanks to the vision module


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